About Me


All through my work career I have tried all sorts of different ways to track my grand ideas and see them through to completion.

As a person that has grown up with Tech though 10 times out of 10 I would use my phone to capture these ideas.

However these ideas would often have the same fate as all the amazing photos on my phone - remain un-developed.

You forget they are on there.

You go for weeks without checking or doing anything with them. 

In the last 18 months DarkStar collection as a brand has grown more than I could have ever wished for, but I didnt wish for it, I wrote it down!

The checklist I wrote down had 3 basic features which would form the bare minimum for our Notebooks;

  • Minimal but Modern design
  • Hard wearing cover which could withstand adventures in and out of work
  • Heavy weight premium paper which could take heavy ink and pencils with minimal bleedthrough to make the full use of all the pages

Your brand needs to be about more than your product so we also set about setting out three guiding principles;

1)  Our Slogan " Plot your Adventures " - we believe everyone should carry a pocket notebook on them when they plan to go on adventures. Thats what life is all about isnt it ?

2) Stand out without shining - We would love for our customers to sing our praises rather than do it ourselves. That goes for both our service and our products

3) Never stop learning or evolving - without regular feedback or learning from our mistakes we cannot grow as a brand so please if you think there is something we can do to improve our brand then let us know. I promise we will read every single correspondence.

Craig Janik

Founder Dark Star Collection